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"When we realized the complexity of our sewer problem, we were terrified at the prospect of tearing up our whole yard in order to get to the repair. Other companies we had called talked about how impossible the work would be, how costly, how much of our neighbor’s property we would have to destroy and replace— but David from Innovative Underground calmly assessed the situation and came up with a simpler solution. His estimate was half of the other ones, and we balked, thinking “surely he can’t do the same repair for so much less stress and expense… can he?” After talking more with everyone who bid the job, we decided to give IU a try. Not only did they get the work done exactly on schedule and exactly on estimate, they didn’t destroy our yard or involve the neighbor’s property at all, which was a huge relief. What looked like it would be a disastrous, expensive job turned out to be over within a week. We really appreciated David’s straightforward and honest communication style, and felt very comfortable with him and his employees, who did a fantastic job. We would definitely recommend IU to anyone who needs an affordable, efficient solution to their sewer problems."


I'm a local preacher who needed a "French Drain" and sump pump system to prevent rainwater from flooding my crawlspace. It's been 35 years since I worked as a carpenter for a custom home builder, but we constructed 44 houses in the years I was with them and I've built one church building and done three remodels since then so I still know a thing or two about contractors. David's "Innovative Underground" crew put in 13 hours to dig, fill with gravel, lay pipe, test, and cover my drain lines in a single day! They were on time, under budget, conscientious, careful, and professional from start to finish. From the moment they started offloading wheelbarrows and the excavator to the clean-up they set themselves apart and above your run of the mill contractor. To say the very least, I was impressed. Highly recommended. Hire them and relax - it'll be done right the first time. 

I consulted with David of Innovative Underground, my architect, and several other drainage contractors serving Lane County.  Although Innovative Underground did not provide the lowest quote for the proposed work, I was satisfied that David would provide me with the quality customer service and top-notch workmanship I was seeking.I found David to be very helpful in identifying the problem, and offering a viable solution for the problem.  He met me at the property at times we had agreed, on several occasions, and answered my questions thoroughly about the proposed project.  He took into consideration my suggestions and concerns. He was careful to be very clear with me about how the work would be done, what was required of me during the course of the project, and specifically, what the time and expenses would be.  He explained to me how the site would be left when he was done with the work.After the work was completed, he met with me to discuss how the sump pump would work, and how it could be serviced. The work was completed on the agreed-to date, and within the cost estimate provided by David.   The site was left as we had agreed.