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In 2003 I founded Trenchless Pipe Services. Until 2008 we completed over 1000 residential and commercial projects providing repair and installation services for drainage, sewer and waterlines. I have always treated my customers like friends and insisted on providing a high quality, innovative and informative service to customers as I would expect other contractors working on property I own to do the same.  Like many other business owners who saw no end in sight in 2007 to heavy demand for services I had too much overhead when the recession hit and I was forced to close my doors in 2008. 

In 2012 I opened Innovative Underground as a result of frequent referrals. I am taking time to slowly grow the business focusing on keeping overhead low and providing affordable innovative services to repeat and new clients. I provided outside-the-box thought processes for difficult projects. My services are completely geared towards customer service and ingenuity.

I have the experience and resources to help take you from start to finish through the simplest to the most complicated underground projects with excavation or trenchless applications.  My experience spans over three decades of project management and hands-on experience in: residential, commercial, and multi-family applications, mobile home parks for drainage, sewer, sump pumps, fire backflow systems, waterlines, water mains, electrical underground, excavation, utilities and trenchless projects.

​I will personally work with you to complete your project with our innovative techniques, efficient and cost effective services. ​Call, text or email me today for a free estimate!